New Online Resources


Tabgha Harbor, Israel


I wanted to post an update on our Resources page. We have added some additional online articles by Wyn Laidig from the Taste the Honey site. Although it is not an article, we have also added Bible study notes on Galatians by the same author.

I also want to be very clear that God does not mean for us to take man’s word over His own word. When reading any writing or listening to any words of man it is very important to ask God’s Spirit to lead. Be sure to take everything and compare to the actual Word of God. Even Godly men are just men. No one is without fault, and no one fully grasps the holiness of God. But we can seek Him in order to know Him more fully.

Keep reading, keep searching and keep walking in the way that leads to life.



A Proper Understanding of Colossians 2:16

NT Teaching on Dietary Laws

Names of YHWH and the Messiah

YHWH’s Promise to Israel

Galatians Bible Study by Wyn Laidig (zipped file-download on a computer)

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