Online Resources

Here is a great list of online resources to start exploring.


En-Gedi Resource Center

Follow the Rabbi

Hebrew for Christians

In Love and Instruction Biblical Calendar

Jerusalem Perspective

Judaic-Christian Studies

Taste the Honey

Torah Resource

Torah Resources International


Here are some specific articles from Tim Hegg at Torah Resource that provide a great foundation.

Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council-Tim Hegg

Are the Festivals (Moedim) for Today-Tim Hegg

Did God Change His Mind About Food?-Tim Hegg

Did Yeshua Break the Sabbath-Tim Hegg

Legalism: Some Thoughts-Tim Hegg

Trembling at the Word-Tim Hegg


Here are some articles from Wyn Laidig at Taste the Honey.

A Proper Understanding of Colossians 2:16

NT Teaching on Dietary Laws

Names of YHWH and the Messiah

YHWH’s Promise to Israel

Galatians Bible Study by Wyn Laidig